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The Light Horse app is a perfect mix of simple features and easy-to-use analysis.
So that you can trade with unique insight, and invest with confidence.

Advancers and Decliners
Advancers & Decliners

Visualize the the momentum of the market to view the chance of picking a winner. You can even see the 2-week trend of how many stocks are up and down each day.

Top gainers
Top Gainers

Don't miss out on stocks with today's largest percentage gains.

Hot list of stocks
Hot List

Be ahead of the curve by seeing what other traders are interested in.

Market Monitor

Keep on top of the market movements, trending sectors and break-out stocks across the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500.  

Themed Stock Heatmap

Quickly find the hottest sectors, industry or themes trending in the stock market in real-time.

All-in-one Account.
Trade with $0 commission fees.

(Other fees may apply)

24/6 support.
Online, in the app, whenever you need us.

Invest with as little as $5

With fractional share you can buy stocks, crypto & ETFs in any amount you want.

News & Alerts

Stay on-top of the market with stock alerts and breaking news.

Simple Charts

Easy-to-read quotes and charts for stock, ETF & crypto charts.

Stock Screener

Quickly scan the market for stocks that fit your criteria.

All-in-one account.
Stock, crypto & ETFs.

$0 commission stock, crypto & ETF trading in one account.

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$0 commission Stock, crypto and ETFs.

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Buy stock, crypto & ETFs for as little as $5.

Safe & secure

Light Horse is a secure platform that ensures your holdings ae protected against fraud and theft.

Improve your trading with smart account analysis.

Analyze your accounts and track your profits and losses.  

Know where you stand.

Analyze your acount and compare your year-to-date success of your stocks against the market.

Track your portfolio

Compare you portfolio to the S&P 500 and track your performance year-to-date.

Visualize your performance

Easy-to-read profit and loss calendar displays your performance vs. an index.

Is your portfolio ready for
the AI advantage?

Stocks. ETFs. Crypto. All-in-account.